What is a Portrait Booth?

A photo booth typically has an attendant, a web camera, no additional lighting besides one simple flash, a countdown to take a photo whether you are ready or not, a bunch of props and signs, and not so great quality prints that most people don’t care to keep.
At ViVA! Portrait Booth we have an actual professional photographer, directing those in front of the camera. We want to capture elegant, timeless portraits at your special event, that will be treasured for years to come.

Professional Camera and Lighting Setup

We use a high quality camera, lens and lights, to make sure the images are of the best possible quality. We make sure the group is ready for the photo before we snap the picture which is in front of a simple white backdrop instead of a busy background.

No Props

We do not supply props as we find that becomes the focal point. We prefer the people in the photo to be the focus instead. However, if you are having a themed party and want to supply props, by all means, we will gladly incorporate them.

Digital Sharing

In order to lessen our impact on the environment, our Portrait Booth does not include prints. You can choose to share your photos digitally with your guests in real time so they can post online with a high quality, social media ready photo.

ViVA! Portrait Booth

A professional alternative to your standard photo booth.
"not your typical photo booth"

ˈvēvə/ exclamation: viva
1. long live! (used to express acclaim or support for a specified person or thing).
2. noun: viva; plural noun: vivas
a cry of the exclamation "Viva!" as a salute or cheer.

An event is a time of celebration. When your guests are at your event, we want them to be happy and cheer for your wedding, engagement, birthday, or whatever else you may be celebrating. We will capture a timeless set of photographs of your guests with classic portraits and these photos will be memories captured and kept for years to come!

We provide these services in the Greater Toronto Area, but we are willing to travel.

  • Multiple lighting sources to produce studio-like flattering images.

  • We will work with each group of guests to pose them and get a great selection of photographs.

  • You and your guests are already dressed up for your event, so don’t take away from the beautiful people and cover them up with goofy things that would take the focus away from them.

  • Most people will snap a photo of their print so they can post it online. We offer an option to go the extra mile. We can send your guests their photos right to their phone that night!

Package #1

2 hours*

Online Event Gallery delivered to the host within 24 hours after the event in social media ready resolution

*each additional hour is $100

Package #3

2 hours*

Private Instant Online Gallery for your guests
(wifi required)

Full-resolution Gallery delivered to you after the event

Custom watermark banner created for your event

*each additional hour is $125


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